Office Coffee Service

Cool Beans Coffee offers Full Service Gourmet Coffee Solutions for all types of businesses.

Our onsite office coffee service includes fresh roasted, great tasting coffee, tea & hot beverages; state of the art, well maintained brewing equipment; and exceptional levels of customer service. We remove all the pain and hassle associated with office coffee at competitive, fair prices.

At Cool Beans Coffee we work very hard to ensure every client always has a great cup of coffee to enjoy!

Problems with Traditional Drip Coffee

Some things we bet you didn’t know about traditional drip coffee:

  • traditional drip coffee can sometimes be months old before grounds are used
  • pots can sit on the warmer for hours, turning the coffee bitter and acidic
  • the coffee is often made inconsistently, depending on the “barista’s” preference or experience
  • time is wasted on cleaning, refilling and making a fresh pot
  • low quality coffee encourages staff “coffee runs” for better, more expensive options

Problems with Coffee Pods

Think pods are the way to go? Think again!

  • pods might eliminate the waste of full pot, but they create excessive environmental and financial waste
  • an estimated 9 Billion K-Cups went into landfills last year!
  • employees often take pods from the office supply to use in their home machines
  • storing cases of pods is inconvenient and takes up valuable storage and counter space
  • when using a single serve system, you are limited to beverages that system provides, locking you in to less variety and more expensive coffee pods
  • did we mention the waste?

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